Metalian started designing the first Maxi back in 2009. In 2010 the first Metalian rolled of the production line and was introduced into the off road camper trailer market in South Africa. 

There were many sceptics on the design, construction and materials used for the Metalian when it made its first appearance on the market but now some 8 years later and over 500 units sold world wide its testament the Mono-Coque design has astounded its rivals.

​The Metalian camper trailers are built on a “True” Mono-Coque (Unibody) Design. A pure Mono-Coque design uses the skin for the majority or all of its strength. 

The Mono-Coque construction offers significant weight advantages over a separate ladder chassis with body shell. The design also offers a substantially lower COG "centre of gravity", increased overall stability, road handling and increases the internal volume of the trailer, which allows for extra packing space.

Most other style trailers have a ladder style chassis to which the body, suspension and other gear is attached but Metalian wanted to be different and find an alternative design.​

Metalian camper trailers are CAD designed and comprehensively tested. Our campers are fully seam sealed at 180 degree Celsius for optimum dust and water proofing, rose welded, bolted and only then powder coated with an Exterior grade Polyester Powder Coating. The only area you will find rivets on the Metalian is on the front end for fastening the checker plate which is used purely as stone protection.

Building an off road camper trailer using a true Mono-Coque design brought its own challenges. The materials required to build such a design needed to be extremely robust, formable, weldable and corrosive resistant. 
It was important to choose materials for their application and selecting the most appropriate material for each aspect of the Mono-Coque, which involves finding a balance between parameters such as; material properties, strength, cost, availability and choice of manufacturing process.

Metalian found 3CR12 Stainless Steel which was developed in South Africa for the mining industry. The closest comparison of 3CR12 to a more commonly known stainless steel is 409 Stainless, 409 is used to manufacture exhaust systems on vehicles. 3CR12 is not your pretty stainless like 304 or 316,  its a structural stainless that offers the best balance between strength (double the tensile strength of mild steel), forming and welding. 

The complete Metalian camper trailer is hand built by a team of qualified craftsman. The body, doors, and drawbar is manufactured out of 3CR12 Stainless Steel. Given the strength that 3CR12 provides, Metalian are able to utilise a thinner gauge of steel and reduce the weight of the trailer but not compromise in strength and durability. 

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